Sometimes I let small bits of responsibility go to my head. For a number of reasons including poverty, I sometimes work at Starbucks, one of the couple coffee shops that is local no matter where you are. Management made the mistake of letting me have full access to the chalk markers. Below is a look into how chalk is a conduit of espresso.


The big sell!

I illustrate loads of different content at work. I'm particularly happy when the shift lets me sit in the corner and work on these BIG menu boards. I'll admit, I like when customers stop to admire. One afternoon in Nashville, a man sat down with me as I was working on the "Skip This Line" a-frame, and told me he used to do hand-painted signs all over town. He had some fascinating stories about how good sign painters used to have it before printing was cheap.

That's not my name!

I've met some of my best friends at work, and instead of giving them gifts or compliments, I just use them as a way to show off. You know, like a psychopath. Click for big.

Lots of et cetera!

This kind of work knows how to keep me busy. It seems that every other day there's a new reason to practice, and I carpe those every other diems.